Bernd Bierbaum

Bernd Bierbaum writes books, paints, enjoys photography, and travels professionally across the world. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Latest: Searching for the aardvark. Based on my idea and story, a 45min documentary was recently broadcast on ARTE TV and ZDF in France and Germany.

En Etiopia (en español).

A dust-filled journey of 3000km, taken twenty times, yields ten chapters of vivid encounters and tangible impressions. Set between sky-high mountains on the top of Africa, blistering hot deserts of the Danakil Depression and the fertile Blue Nile valley, this is the cradle of humankind, or, according to the Ethiopian Church, the home of Adam and Eve before their fall from grace. Bernd Bierbaum, avid traveller, writer and anthropologist was so captivated by Ethiopia that he returned twice each year for the past decade. Painting an intriguing web of myth and everyday life, In Ethiopia challenges common assumptions, allowing an ancient yet universal and relevant wisdom to reveal itself. A classic of modern travel writing. "I asked myself time and again, how a Faranji (foreigner) could understand so much about my country." (Azeb Tadesse-Hahn, Deutsche Welle) "Bernd Bierbaum travels with open eyes, without any form of arrogance or wise-cracking." (Andreas Obst, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) "Refreshing, poetic, and written with deep knowledge." (Arte TV Paris)
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